What's physical literacy? 

“Physical Literacy is when kids have developed the skills, confidence, and love of movement to be physically active for life." - Active for Life

We all have a role to play. Learn more about how you can increase the physical literacy of the kids you care about. 

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Join us to stay in the loop on physical literacy in Saskatchewan. 

Partners for Physical Literacy

We're proud to be part of Partners for Physical Literacy (P4PL). The Partners provide stewardship, guidance, and support to organizations working to inspire physical literacy in our kids. P4PL is a collaborative of individuals and organizations that are passionate and committed to increasing physical literacy and physical activity for Saskatchewan’s youth. It's comprised of volunteer stakeholders from education, sport, recreation and physical activity. P4PL is supported by the partners as part of a commitment to a sustainable future for Saskatchewan people.

For more information and resources visit their website www.skphysicalliteracy.ca

Partners for Physical Literacy includes volunteer stakeholders from the following organizations: